Monday, September 29, 2008

Grimms' Fairy Tales

THIS is EXCELLENT! I haven't read any of these stories since... FOREVER (lets not go into numbers here ok...). They don’t read like the romanticized version from the Disney movies that our generation know and have grown to love but they’re equally as good. Each tale in the book is short and easy enough to read within five to ten minutes each.
I seem to have forgotten some of the tales that were familiar to me when I was younger (I know, I know... it’s sacrilegious to even admit such a thing). But reading this brought back so much memories of the stories mum use to read me. Some of my favourites from their collection: Rose Bud aka Sleeping Beauty, Jorinda and Jorindel and King Grisly-Beard to name a few.
Interestingly, the Grimm brothers are not the original authors of the tales but took it upon themselves to compile oral stories passed from one generation to another from German peasants and put them into writing. Efforts much appreciated by yours truly...

The stories are so simple to read that it's worth carrying the book around with you for quick reading while waiting for a friend (which often happens to me, my friends have no concept of time), the train, the bus... whatever.

Read it, loved it!

Tales featured in the book:
HANS in Luck- The Travelling Musician- The Golden Bird- The Fisherman and His Wife- The Tom-Tit and The Bear- The Twelve Dancing Princesses- Rose Bud- Tom Thumb- The Grateful Beast- Jorinda and Jorindel- The Wonderful Musician- The Queen Bee- The Dog and the Sparrow- Frederick and Catherine- The Three Children of Fortune- King Grisly- Beard- The Adventures of Chanticleer and Partlet- Snow Drop- The Elves and The Shoemaker- The Turnip- Old Sultan- The Lady and The Lion- The King of The Golden Mountain- The Golden Goose- Mrs. Fox- Hansel and Gretel- The Giant with the Three Golden Hairs- The Frog-Prince- The Fox and the Horse- Rumpel-Stilts-Kin- The Goose Girl- Faithful John- The Blue Light- Ashputtel- The Young Giant and the Tailor- The Crows and the Soldiers- Fee-Wit- Hans and His Wife Grettel- Cherry, On the Frog Bride- Mother Holle- The Water of Life- Peter The Goatherd- The Elpin-Grove- The Salad- The Nose- The Five Servants- Cat-Skin- The Robber- Bridegroom- The Three Sluggards- The Seven Ravens- Roland and May-Bird- The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage- The Juniper Tree.

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