Monday, November 10, 2008

The Two Mrs Robinsons

From the book:
Twenty-something Anna lives with Oliver Robinson and their three-year-old son Charlie. Juggling work and motherhood, she couldn’t be happier. Or could she? Oliver is still married to his first wife, Eve, mother of his two teenage children, a dominant figure who insists on making her presence felt and whose constant demands soak up their time and income.
Just as it seems the two Mrs Robinsons will never see eye to eye, a terrible tragedy leaves them both shattered. Forced to pull together through their shared loss, will they be able to put their differences aside for the sake of their children...?

My two cents worth:
I love a good family drama. At home, one of the channels that I’m addicted to is Hallmark, so you can understand my reasons for picking up this book.
The Two Mrs Robinsons is a story about picking up the pieces after the death of a loved one. The circumstances which had brought the two Mrs Robinsons together are filled with hatred, jealousy, grief, acceptance, understanding, love and joy.
I thought there were too many things happening in the book with too many people involved but it was still a good book to read. The story is filled with realistic challenges, more on an emotional and financial level which pushes Anna and Eve together trying to move forward in life.

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