Thursday, December 3, 2009

I, Coriander

Author: Sally Gardner
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy 
Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Coriander lives a comfortable life until the sudden death of her mother. Soon after, Coriander’s father is forced to flee London and she is left in the care of her evil step mother. As things turn from bad to worst, Coriander’s step mother decides to lock her up in a chest and leave her to die. However, Coriander is suddenly transported to a fairy world where she learns the truth about her mother's death and thereafter begins her quest to look for her mother's shadow.

I found I, Coriander quite a magical book to read. It had a great combo of fact and fantasy. The characters were excellent, you’ll either love them or loathe them. I especially love Coriander's step sister for her lovely character and very much despise her step-mother and the preacher that she was in cahoots with. The character development, the story flow was all good and the magical aspects made the book even better.
A definite must read.


Kirthi said...

I loved this book too! I like the new cover (if it's new?)

Josette said...

Yup, your blog looks really good! :)

Ooh, I also read this book some time ago. Quite an interesting story but it didn't pull me in from the start. It only got fast-paced for me when the preacher character appeared. Man, he was pure evil.

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