Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hush Hush

Genre: Fiction (Paranormal/Romance)
Reading Level: Young Adult

Hush Hush is a young adult paranormal/romance novel revolving around Nora Gray; a smart and responsible daughter and student who does everything by the book. Being the goody two shoes that she is, romance is of course far from her mind... that is until she meets Patch. She is attracted to him but feels that he is dangerous and could possibly be the cause of all the bad things that has been happening to her of late. Now she is beginning to wonder about Patch and who he is exactly.  

First off, I absolutely love the cover. I think it's uber sexy. Secondly, the teenager in me fell for the 'good girl falls for bad boy' formula...yeah... i know...SUCKER! I honestly love the flirtatious interaction between Nora and Patch and thought it was the best part of the book.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Hush Hush but as much as I enjoyed reading the book, I felt that the mysterious plot revealed itself too late in the book which made me lose interest just for a little while. Plus the heated romance between Patch and Nora can be a bit over the top to read after a while. There was a lot of sexual tension between the two and am not even sure if it's appropriate for the books intended target audience to read (sheesh, can't believe I actually said that! I'm beginning to sound like my mother!).

It was a fun read if you don't look too much into the details cause you will notice a few flaws here and there. Would I recommend it? Yes, especially to those who love falling for bad boys! (If you love Twilight, I think you will love this book). 

Anyway here's a trailer of the book for those who have not read it yet:

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cj'alhafiz said...

wohoo...."the cover is uber sexy"...hehehe
it's really nice...!! n I love your review, sis...
lots of great book i find out during blog walking...
and make me crazy!! which book that i've to read next? that's in my thought..hahaha!!
have a great weekend sis..!

J.T. Oldfield said...

I plan to read this one, mainly for the cover. But since I just read Fallen, I'll wait a while, otherwise I'll have YAPARANORMALROMANCE Angel overload.

Ms Ulat Buku said...

Ya... that was the same reason I picked the book up... haha agree on the YAPARANORMALROMANCE overload...

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