Monday, November 15, 2010

Her Fearful Symmetry

Genre: General Fiction

Her Fearful Symmetry is the second novel by Audrey Niffenegger, the same author who brought us The Time Traveler’s Wife (if you didn’t know already) which happens to be my all time favorite book.

In Her Fearful Symmetry, Niffenegger tells the story of Julia and Valentina, mirror twins in their 20’s who are completely inseparable and dependable on each other. Elspeth, the aunt of the twins dies from cancer and leaves them her apartment located in London. The twins were never aware of their aunts’ existence and this is because of the rift that had happened between their mother, Edwina and their late Aunt Elspeth. The reason of the rift is unknown to the twins but with the sudden inheritance, they decided to take residence of the flat in London.

I’m not going to go into details about the book because I quit reading Her Fearful Symmetry halfway. The central characters in the book, Julia and Valentina as well as the other characters featured just did not appeal to me. I felt the plot was slow moving and I was constantly wishing that something would happen before I quit the book. Overall, I felt the book wasn’t engaging and I had to put it away. Sorry but this book is just not for me.

Below are some of the other books I've read by Niffenegger, please click on title if you'd like to read my review:
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Hopefully, I'll enjoy her next book better. In the meantime, happy reading everybody.

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JoV said...

I totally empathise with you. How is it that someone who did so well on the first novel flopped on the next?

see my review:

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