Friday, March 12, 2010

A Clash of Kings

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Sometime back I started reading A Game of Thrones which came highly recommended by a friend of mine. I absolutely loved it and bought the whole available series though finding the time reading each book is now proving to be a challenge.

Whilst I was on holiday at Lipe Island I had plans to read other books but at the last minute decided to read the second book from A Song of Ice and Fire Series, A Clash of Kings.

Firstly, I absolutely love and am truly amazed by George R.R. Martins's style of writing. I find it incredible that he has managed to write so many different characters with so many storylines in one book. A Clash of King is intertwined with multiple political agendas and each character has their own interesting journey and adventure which truly captured my interest as a reader. Though I prefer the first book more than the second, A Clash of Kings was still a good book to read. 

I hope to start the third book A Storm of Swords sometime soon. In the meantime, I found out that a TV Series is currently being developed based on the book. It'll probably take forever for the series to arrive in Malaysian shores but I'll definitely be one of the first to catch the show when it arrives.

Challenges: 100+ Reading Challenge
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