Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Letters of Great Men

I’ve been absolutely busy the past few weeks and have not been able to read much. Anyway, about two weeks back I found a book which the bookstores were promoting for the up-coming Valentine’s celebration titled Love Letters of Great Men.

The front cover of the book states that the book was inspired by the movie Sex and the City, that was an easy bait cause I was hooked and bought it immediately. I love anything related to the movie. Who can forget those famous words Mr Big quoted from Beethoven: “...Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever Ours...”

Well, enough about the movie already...In all honesty I didn’t really enjoy reading this book entirely probably because most of the letters featured are written to the writer’s respective mistresses who seem to be short flings rather than soul mates. However, there are a few letters that I quite enjoyed reading.
I personally liked Mozart’s letters to his wife; John Keat’s letter to his fiancée Fanny Brawne and Robert Browning’s letter to Elizabeth Barret who eventually became his wife. My absolute favourite is Mark Twain’s letter to his wife on her 30th birthday and the collection of letters of those fighting during the Great War to their loved ones. These were really romantic and some of the letters from the Great War were truly touching. Worthy read for the month of love...
Happy Valentine's Day you all. xox

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