Friday, April 3, 2009

Buy One Book and Read It Challenge 2009

I recently stumbled upon a blog called My Friend Amy who is hosting the Buy One Book and Read It Challenge 2009. I know I said I wouldn’t join another challenge but I seem to buy more books than I can read so I thought this challenge was appropriate for me. Besides there are two options to the challenge and I’ve decided to take the easier route.

I’ve decided to do option 1:
The first option is to simply buy one book and read it. The book you buy and read should be a book you have chosen for yourself for pleasure. It should not be work related and books read to your children do not count.

I’ll read the next book I purchase from the store and post my review up. Not sure what this will be yet but since I’ve already got ten bazillion books on my shelf that I recently purchased for my own reading pleasure, I’ll have plenty to choose from. I’m also heading to the bookstore tomorrow to make full use of the gift vouchers worth RM150 I recently received so will probably buy something for this challenge to read.

To check out the reviews of those who are participating in this challenge, click here.


Alice Teh said...

Happy reading, Natasha!

Azah said...

This challenge is more simpler, hassle-free and more convenient. Right now I'm having hard time to find the books for my 1% well-read challenge. What should I do now Natasha?

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