Thursday, June 17, 2010

From Dead to Worse

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

After the explosion at the Vampire Summit, Sookie is safe at home and recuperating from the ordeal. But Sookie still has a problem; she hasn’t heard from Quinn since the disastrous event and is again faced with another missing boyfriend (Sookie’s ex-boyfriend Bill once went missing because he was kidnapped in Club Dead).
On top of that an unknown relative introduces himself to Sookie providing an explanation of where she inherited her telepathic gift from and in the midst of it all Sookie is (as always) a part of the political struggles in the were and vampire community.
I actually love From Dead to Worse better than the last book; All Together Dead. I love, love, love Eric in this book. I also absolutely love the introduction of Niall, Sookie’s great grandfather who reveals that he is a fairy and that Sookie actually has fairy blood through her father’s lineage. It brings Sookie’s supernatural world to another level altogether, not just filled with vamps and weres but also other magical creatures.
This is without a doubt one of the best books in the series. Definitely a must read.
By the way, I’m pro- Eric now! Eric! Eric! Eric!

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