Friday, September 18, 2009

Club Dead

Club Dead is the third installation of the Sookie Stackhouse southern vampire series. I’ve read the first two books and absolutely loved Dead until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas. I love Sookie’s character, I think she’s fun and resourceful and her supernatural adventures make a great weekend read.
In Club Dead, Bill is kidnapped and Sookie seeks out to find him with the help of Alcide Herveaux who happens to be a werewolf. Like the two previous books, Club Dead is an easy and fun read though I found the plot to be a bit more intricate than the previous books. The introduction of new supernatural elements with insights to the world of werewolves and shape shifter adds a bit more excitement and engagement to the reading.
Bill doesn’t appear much in the book and he wasn’t acting like the best boyfriend in the world, so obviously he’s not so hot in Sookie’s books this time around. Eric’s character comes out stronger and I’m kinda starting to like him a bit more compared to the first two books. Alcide is a nice guy who also seems to have fallen for Sookie whilst in their quest to save Bill; so there was some interesting connection happening between the two of them. The list of possible suitors that seem to have fallen for Sookie can be a tad annoying but nevertheless, Club Dead was definitely a fun read.
Definitely an enjoyable read though the first two books are still my favourite.
Note: Book 3 completed for the Sookie Stackhouse challenge. If you’d like to participate, please visit Beth Fish Reads’ blog.

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