Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Generation Dead

Author: Daniel Waters
Genre: Paranormal/Romance/Young Adult

A strange phenomenon is happening to teenage kids in America; teenagers who die are not staying dead. More and more teenagers who die are coming back to life and American society now has to adapt to the existence of the living impaired.

The book revolves around Phoebe and her friends Margi and Adam. They go to Oakvale High School which was beginning to get a reputation for providing a good educational program for the living impaired; so much so that families with living impaired kids were moving into town and as such has doubled the population of the living impaired in the area.

Phoebe is somehow drawn to one living impaired student; Tommy Williams. He seems different from the rest of the living impaired kids Phoebe has seen; he’s gorgeous, funny and was even (briefly) part of the school’s football team. Her friendship with Tommy leads to friendship with other living impaired kids and becomes an eye opener for her in understanding their predicament and challenges to be part of today’s society.

Though Generation Dead is a book on zombies, it’s not the typical gore, eat your brains out type of book you should expect to read. It’s a book that although fun to read manages to address many complex themes like equality and acceptance for a minority group in today’s society.  

I loved almost all the characters in the book and thought that it had an engaging plot. Generation Dead was such a good read that I finished it within a day! Yes, it was that unputdownable. It had a fair share of romance, action and suspense. Definitely a recommended read and I’m looking forward to read the sequel: Kiss of Life.

Challenges: 100+ Reading Challenge, Young Adult Reading Challenge

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