Thursday, October 2, 2008

Diana Krall- Live in Concert at KLCC, 2 Oct

SHE sounds better LIVE! Her CD’s really don’t give her justice!

I’m not a serious Jazz fan but when one of my girlfriends asked me to catch Diana Krall's concert with her, I said YES! LETS! I love all her rendition of oldies...
We got the RM200++ tickets which got us ‘top’ seats. By top I meant we had the top most seat and our backs were facing the wall! Diana would have looked like an ant if we continued sitting there. Luckily, our section wasn’t full so we kinda made our way down to the front just a few minutes before the starlet came out to perform. Needless to say we were happy with the change, at least now from our new seats she looked like the size of a cat... well more like a kitten really but it was all good.

She’s an excellent singer and musical performer but not much of a talker, which was ok with me seeing that she was only performing for one hour plus. I wanted her to cover as many songs as possible... it’s all about value for money ok. It was short but the type of concert that provided quality over quantity. I heard someone mentioned that the sound quality was not that great but I didn't notice it, she sounded great to me. Anyway, she didn’t carry some of her other songs that I love but I enjoyed her performance of songs like The Look of Love, I Don’t Know Enough About You and Let’s Fall In Love.
Thanks Diana, good show! Come back to Malaysia soon and if you do go to Jalan Alor again, call me. I live only two minutes away.

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