Monday, October 20, 2008

Gamarjobat- Actor's Studio, 19 Oct

My friends have been raving about Gamarjobat for two years now. If you’ve never heard about them then you’ll probably have the same reaction I did when I first heard about them... “Who the *beep* is Gomajobat?” I often got the name wrong the first few times we talked about the subject like Gojomabat, Gojamobat get the idea. Anyway my friends would reply with eyes rolling like they’ve been possessed ala Emily Rose “NOT Gomajobat.... GAMARJOBAT aiyohhhhhh!” Right, I know I’m intelligent but I’ve never claimed to know EVERYTHING in the whole wide world.

Anyway off and on while we have our usual teh tarik kicks, the topic of Gamarjobat (yes I finally got the name right; had to repeat it to myself ten times in a row so that I’d remember) would come up and they would rave about how funny these Japanese duo are. I fortunately, got the chance to catch Gamarjobat on Sunday at Actors Studio and now I’m part of the ‘in’ crowd that raves about the performance whenever I get the chance. Plus I get to “aiyooooohhhhh!!!” at someone else when they get the name wrong. Sweeetttt.
Gamarjobat is an award winning performance comprising of two (cute) Japanese guys with Mohawk hair dos. They performed great sketches which includes miming and physical comedy. This year’s theme included ‘Rock and Roll Penguin’ and ‘Western’. Their performance had a laugh out loud with a slight pain in the tummy type effect.

As a silent comedy, Gamarjobat’s acts transcend culture, race and any language barrier as their movements were easily understood by everyone. The two guys were excellent and extremely funny. What I liked about them was that they engaged the audience by allowing participation. It was definitely a great show and one of the best laughter medicines to chase the onset of the Monday blues away.

My other friends who caught them before two years in a row, mentioned that the last shows were much better. It’s a pity I never caught their performance before, but I’m glad to have had a chance to see them perform last Sunday. I definitely will catch the performance again if they make an appearance next year.
By the way, was it just me or did anyone else thought that one of the performers looked like Aznil Haji Nawawi?

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yanti the slow jogger said...

yeah tasha, the one who didnt act as the girl and who kept getting shot at seriously looks like aznil. i kept mentioning it to azan and my mom during the show.

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