Friday, October 16, 2009

Vampire Diaries: The Awakening & The Struggle

Author: L.J. Smith
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Reading Level: Young Adult

I don’t know how and why I’ve never heard of Vampire Diaries before until recently when I noticed it as a trending topic on Twitter. The TV series had taken off in the US and I think just about everyone I was connected to from the US was raving about it. Then I found out that My Friend Amy was hosting the Vampire Diaries Reading Challenge and I thought I should join in to see what the hype was all about.

Vampire Diaries is a young adult novel which was originally published in 1991. I read a comment somewhere (can't remember where) that Vampire Diaries is the original Twilight and I can understand how that comment came about. There are some similarities based on the premise of girl falls in love with good vampire. However, unlike Twilight I didn’t find Elena as annoying as Bella :)

I absolutely love Stefan’s character…BIG SURPRISE! I always fall for the same type of characters; brooding, mysterious, heroic vamps. I found Elena’s character to be spoilt and can be quite bitchy but she also came across as independent, confident and knew clearly what she wanted and how she was going to get it thus why she wasn't as annoying to me as Bella was when I was reading Twilight.
Anyway, the storyline itself was entertaining. There was enough mystery, excitement and activities that kept me wanting to read on. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and have the next instalment to the series ‘The Fury & Dark Reunion’ on my TBR pile already.

I’m also going to catch the first series of Vampire Diaries soon. Hope I’ll enjoy it as much as the book.

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Josette said...

I keep seeing these books in the bookstore but usually ignored them as I wasn't interested in more vampire stories!

They were published in 1991? Now that caught my attention. I don't mind reading vampire books which had been published earlier. I'm just not interested in the latest blood-sucking books as I feel they might have been Twilight copycats!

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