Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mr Toppit

Author: Charles Elton
Genre: Fiction

‘Once upon a time a book broke a family…’ – Those were the words on the cover of the book that attracted me to purchase Mr Toppit. Mr Toppit is a story about a dysfunctional family and how each and every one of them is affected by the popularity of a book written by the father, Arthur Hayseed. The novel traces the history of the Hayseed Chronicles and the series of events that leads to the book becoming a sudden worldwide phenomenon after the death of Arthur Hayseed.
The story was engaging at first and was an okay read for maybe about 200+ pages or so, after that I was no longer interested about the characters or the series of events that were happening. I ended up skimming through the pages towards the end of the book trying to look for the punch line but when the dark secret was revealed, it was a no biggie.
I was a bit disappointed with Mr Toppit. I was hoping for a big family drama with a big wow ending. The family drama was definitely there but the book didn’t have a big impact to me as a reader despite the tragic and dramatic end.
Was there anything good about the book? Well, it did have some funny lines here and there that did made me laugh other than that it just wasn't outstanding enough. I really wanted to like this book but unfortunately I don't.


Alice Teh said...

Sorry to hear that the book didn't work for you. I haven't read it and probably will not be reading it...

Vivienne said...

I was really disappointed with this book too. It had such a fabulous storyline,yet it just fell flat.

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