Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Have Been Lazy, Hence I Make Excuses Meme

I found a meme from Beth Fish Reads blog called “I Have Been Lazy, Hence I Make Excuses” which I thought was appropriate for me at this particular time. This is where we list the excuses we give ourselves when we haven’t made the time to read. I didn’t manage to finish my last book and am delaying selecting my next book to read from my TBR pile, here’s my excuse:

  1. I don't come back home from work till late at night, by the time I get back I'm just so tired that I’d rather just crash in bed than pick up a book to read.
  2. Lazing on the living room sofa with a glazed zombified look and watching programs repeated for the millionth time on TV has more appeal to me.
  3. My brain is not working this week and refuses to absorb any of the details I’m reading. I think it applied for time out this week, which unfortunately I’m not aware of.

If you’re giving yourself excuses on why you haven’t read this week, then tag you’re it!


Beth F said...

I love excuse 2 -- I too know that zombified look!!

Ms Ulat Buku said...

Yeah I think we all go through it once in a while!

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