Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mamma Mia- Istana Budaya, 27 December 2008

“A mother. A daughter. 3 possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you’ll never forget!”

It was truly a trip down the aisle I’ll never forget, dancing down the aisle of Istana Budaya that is! I held off watching Mamma Mia the movie because I wanted to see the musical first and I’m not sorry with my decision. I’ve heard the movie is great but singing to the tunes of Abba live at Istana Budaya was so much better.
Believe it or not we booked our tickets the first week they announced that the musical troupe were coming and even then we ended up with crappy seats. (P.S. They should have a law against tall people sitting in the front row! Throughout the three hour show I had to crane my neck whenever the person sitting in front of me moved, I think I came out from the theatre looking like a giraffe). The tickets were so hot it was apparently sold out within days.
I’ve always been an Abba fan. My mum is into Abba and she used to (and still does) sing along to all their tunes when it played on the radio while I was growing up. Plus, my girlfriends and I used to visit clubs that played retro music, so naturally it brought a lot of memories singing along to their songs. The only thing missing was the alcohol and me and my girlfriends standing on a chair pointing at each other when we sang along to Dancing Queen… (he he, yup those were the days…).

The storyline was simple and worked perfectly around the music. A friend who had seen the movie said that the storyline was better in the movie compared to the musical. I honestly wouldn’t know since I haven’t seen the movie yet. But I suppose that makes sense seeing that you could fit in a better flow of the storyline in the movie compared to a small theatre stage with a limit of three hours per show.

A musical for all ages, I believe Mamma Mia has successfully bridged the gap between the young and old. Attended by people from all walks of life from all generations; what made it fun was that everyone knew the tunes, sang and danced to the music. Definitely an experience to remember and I’m not sorry I spent almost RM300 on the tickets. It was WORTH IT! A feel good musical that can make even the saddest person come out of the theatre dancing and singing.

Here’s a preview of what the musical is like if you haven’t seen it yet. This was one of my favourite scenes when Donna and the Dynamos performed for Lisa’s hen night:

I actually bought the music CD after the performance and have been playing it in my car since the day I got it. My boyfriend says that if he hears it one more time, his ears will probably bleed out (ha ha nice try but I’m still going to listen to the CD hon!). I doubt I’ll ever tire from any of their songs, well not yet anyway… they’re just so easy to sing to.

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