Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vampire Diaries: The Fury & Dark Reunion

Author: L.J. Smith
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Reading Level: Young Adult

I read the first two books from Vampire Diaries sometime back and quite enjoyed reading them. The Fury and Dark Reunion is the third and fourth instalment for the Vampire Diaries. Like the first two books, I enjoyed reading The Fury and Dark Reunion. Its kinda hard to review the books without revealing the storyline so it won’t be much of a review because I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not read it yet. So here goes the short review:

The Fury was quite an exciting read and I was caught up with the mystery surrounding the group. In fact, I think I enjoyed reading The Fury more than the Awakening & The Struggle. The ending of the book surprised me but it was still an amazing read.
I really enjoyed The Fury but The Struggle didn’t seem to have the same impact on me. I suppose it was because the book came from Bonnie’s point of view. As much as I love Bonnie’s character I loved Elena’s character better. Plus as much as the ending was good for all the characters involved, I somehow didn’t quite like it.
Well, just because I didn’t enjoy the fourth book as much as The Fury doesn’t mean that I am not going to read The Nightfall. I’m so behind on my reading and I hope that I’ll be able to start The Nightfall soon.
To read my review of The Awakening & The Struggle, please click here.
Note: The Vampire Diaries- The Fury & Dark Reunion is part of the L.J. Smith Reading Challenge & The 2009 100+


Lina said...

Hi! I think we sort of know each other :) Great blog you've got going. I plan to read Vampire Diaries as soon as I finish my Sookie books! Will be adding your blog to mine soon. You can find me here: http://www.fingersinthepie.blogspot.com/

Ms Ulat Buku said...

Hi Lina. Thanks for dropping by. You do look familiar but I cant place my finger on where we've met! Lol! Thanks for dropping by again & Happy New Year!

La Coccinelle said...

I haven't gotten around to reading any of these yet. I have been watching the show, though. If the books are as entertaining as the TV series, I might enjoy reading them.

I love the look of your blog, BTW!

melissa said...

kinda like what you said i did enjoy the fury and dark reunion better than the awakening and the struggle. i cant wait to read the hole thing i would ask you a question but im not sure if u would reply so later

Ms Ulat Buku said...

Hi Melissa, I try to reply all posts :)

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