Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

So, what did I do for Earth Hour? Well, unfortunately it wasn’t such an eventful night. I was in the office together with my colleagues and the clients as we were trying to finalize a lot of things for an upcoming campaign. Anyway, for Earth Hour, we switched off the lights and did work in the dark...Here are some pictures:

Me- posing at my workstation

Mira- not too happy being in the dark.

Zahriel- trying to finalize work in the dark

Taking time off to pose for the camera, not that you could see any of us clearly:

Nigel, Zahriel, Me and Mira.... I wonder what happened to Tammy? LOL

Nadz and I posing in the dark
Obviously, I need to get a REAL camera. The camera on my mobile phone sucks BIG TIME! All I can say is, I hope Earth loves me for switching off the lights ‘cause working in the dark gave me a massive headache after! :)


CJ-alhafiz said...

haha!! earth hour... most of the room in my hostel switch off the light...
some not...
my room?? haha... i left my room at 8.00 and i came back at 9.00 light is onn... my roomate did'nt switch them off...aiseh... never mind...

Alice Teh said...

I sokong you. Go get a real camera! LOL.

Cool photos, by the way, Natasha!

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