Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Finds, 18 September

It’s been a while since I participated in Friday Finds. It’s been a good week this week; the clients behaved, the bosses were away, work load was acceptable and the long holiday for Eid celebrations is just one day away. Yippeeee! So, I’m taking the opportunity to take part in Friday Finds.

This week on Twitter, I noticed Nely and Julie reading The Hunger Games, a YA Science Fiction novel by Suzanne Collins. Sounds like an interesting read cause Nely seems to be losing sleep trying to finish the book! LOL.
For more information on The Hunger Games click here.

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gautami tripathy said...

It is everywhere!

Friday Find: Maps For Lost Lovers

Nely said...

I confess that I tried to lose some sleep but ended up passing out anyway. It is great though and skipped actually eating a meal in order to get some reading done :D


Mary said...

Must be a good book if someone (Nely) skips a meal to keep reading!!

Alice Teh said...

I'm reading it now too and hosting a giveaway for the same book! :D

Mishel said...

So glad you found something for this week =) I have this book on my shelf waiting to be read. I really need to get to itit

Jules said...

The Book was fantastic! I hope to have the review up by tomorrow! Highly recommend it.

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