Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Three Shadows

Author: Cyril Pedrosa
Genre: Graphic Novel

The Three Shadows is a graphic novel that tells the story of a family that lives an idyllic and peaceful life until it is disrupted by the appearance of three mysterious figures. The three shadowy figures can’t be approached and lurk around ominously near their home.

Lise, who is worried about the sudden appearance of the three shadows consulted a witch who informed her that the shadows are after their son, Joachim. Upon hearing this Louis runs away with Joachim, literally crossing the ocean to keep his son as far away from the three shadows as possible.

I am very new to graphic novels and stumbled upon The Three Shadows while browsing at the store. I read all 200+ pages in one sitting. It is truly a beautiful story complemented by the black and white artwork which created a dark tone and suspenseful effect to the overall storyline.

The Three Shadows was inspired by the author Cyril Pedrosa’s experience of watching his close friends’ child die at a very young age. Through this experience, Pedrosa manages to bring across the message of how far a parent would go to protect their child. The effect: A heartbreaking and touching tale that is definitely a recommended read.


The Book Resort said...

Thank you for terrific review. I want it -- now! LOL!

I love how you read it in one sitting :).

Ms Ulat Buku said...

Actually its quite easy to read seeing it is a graphic novel but it was truly touching. I was tearing a bit when I read it. :)

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