Friday, September 18, 2009

Dead to the World

It’s New Years in Bon Temps and Sookie is trying to keep herself busy at work. Not only is she broke from her last adventure but she’s also trying to keep her mind off her cheating ex-boyfriend Vampire Bill.

On her way back home from work, she almost ran over a half naked man on the street only to find out its Eric who seems to have suffered from amnesia. Apparently, Eric has been cursed by a witch who wants to take over his life and has to take refuge with Sookie whilst they try to solve the problem.

There are two separate storylines in Dead to the World:
  1. Eric’s memory loss which is connected to other supernatural elements leading to a huge battle with the witches and…
  2. Jason who seems to have gone missing or as Sookie suspects, may have been kidnapped.
What I liked about this book?
Well, there were more supernatural elements that were introduced in the book with more insights on the werewolf community as well as the witches. The war that raged amongst the vampires and the witches was a serious problem in the supernatural world and leads to a (normally unlikely) collaborative effort between the vamps and weres to win the battle. Introducing the new supernatural element kept the book interesting.

In terms of romance, Bill is gone and Eric takes lead in this book. I actually like Eric’s character better while he suffers from amnesia; he’s kinder, gentler and oh so sweet. The chemistry added some pizzazz to the romance but Eric is just not Bill. (Can you tell I'm pro Bill?)

What I didn’t like about this book?
Harris seems to have a style of featuring too many plots in one book which can be a bit convoluted but it was still an easy read. I also felt that there were too many possible suitors for Sookie featured in the book with the introduction of Calvin Norris a shapeshifter from a nearby town. Personally, the male attention for Sookie was getting a tad too much for me.

Verdict: I still prefer Dead until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas. Comparatively, Dead to the World to me is a better read than Club Dead because it introduced further understanding of Harris’s supernatural world which kept it exciting.

Note: Book 4 completed for the Sookie Stackhouse challenge. If you'd like to participate, please visit Beth Fish Reads' blog.


Alice said...

You're progressing very well for this challenge. I've not started! :O

Anonymous said...

I was just checking in on the SSRC linky after posting my review of this one!

I like it best because I'm not yet settled on which team I'm on. I'd go for amnesiac Eric, but he won't be back again :-).

I'm also worried that the number of suitors for Sookie is going to get silly. We'll see.

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