Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite

Author: Paul Arden
Genre: Non-Fiction

Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite is written by the author of It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be, Paul Arden. I’ve actually read Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite a few years back and loved it and thought that I should re-read it again for my non-fiction 5 challenge.

The whole premise of this book is based on how sometimes making a bad decision and taking risks can be so much better than going through a safer route. The lessons are not new but the presentation used to put across the key messages in this book is unique.

Paul Arden who was a former executive director at Saatchi & Saatchi puts his creative skills to good use by including great visual elements in the book to bring his message across. His use of strong visual elements makes it visually appealing and the use of short and concise text makes this book an easy and read.
Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite is a book that I personally keep just to read whenever I need a quick pick me up. It offers inspirational quotes and also insightful stories of individuals who have succeeded by making mistakes in their life.

Note: This book counts as the fifth book read for the Non- Fiction Five Challenge.

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